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The Future of

Travel Retail

Consumers expect great digital experiences. Experiences that are intuitive, frictionless, and fast. And while many industries are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, travel retailing is lagging behind. It’s time for our industry to undergo a huge transformation, and at Travelport, we’re leading the transformation of the travel retail experience.

Here’s how.

Retailing revolutionaries

Why is travel falling behind and what can we learn from other industries? We gathered some top retailing experts from outside travel to find out.

7 ways to

Experts from advertising, the metaverse, R&D, and travel gave their insights on the future of retailing at a recent Travelport event. Read the main takeaways here.

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The magic of original thinking

Ogilvy legend Rory Sutherland explores the alchemy behind original thinking and how big problems can often be solved with unexpected solutions.

The future of retailing: The metaverse

VR pioneer Steve Bambury shares insights into the Metaverse and the opportunities this new era of digital communication and social interaction will present for travel.

The future of retailing: Neuroscience in R&D

Paul Zak discusses how some of the world's largest retailers, production companies and ad agencies are using neuroscience to improve the accuracy of their R&D and ultimately, their products.

Retailing Insights

Accelerating Modernized Retailing

Accelerating Modernized Retailing

The brightest minds in tech pitch their solutions to help solve some of the industry’s biggest retailing challenges in the 2021 Accelerator program.

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AWS and Travelport partner to transform travel retailing

AWS and Travelport partner to transform travel retailing

Travelport has joined forces with AWS to power a simpler, smarter, and brighter future for travel.

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It’s time for more creative thinkers in travel

It’s time for more creative thinkers in travel

Rory Sutherland explains how travel can benefit from looking at old problems in new ways, asking better questions, and considering what travelers really want.

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New Research

Fixing Travel

To fix travel retailing, we need to uncover what’s broken. Our research with 2,000+ travelers from across the world reveals why consumers find the travel retailing experience complicated, confusing, and disappointing, and how the industry can fix it.

Simpler Travel

Better retailing begins with better technology. Travelport+ is the new marketplace for travel retailing, and simplifies how suppliers, agencies, and travelers connect — all through one next-generation platform.

Discover more about the future of travel retail in our latest webinar

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