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Worldspan Go

Worldspan Go! brings a spectrum of travel planning and management solutions to the travel agent's desktop. Using browser-based travel technologies and the power of the Travelport Worldspan global distribution system, your agency has access to a global marketplace of travel and related information.


  • Access to a world of travel resources through a customised reservation screen and up to 10 windows in split or full screen.
  • Accessible wherever the Internet is available, but can be restricted if needed for security.
  • Secure login and password provide access to an intuitive suite of productivity tools, administration tools and online help.
  • Easy installation via a URL and automatic updates for immediate access to the latest functionality.
  • Agencies can employ user-owned hardware and choose from several connectivity options.
  • Easy access to Travelport Worldspan's world-class Global Learning Centre, featuring virtual classrooms, self-paced tutorials and more.
  • Integrates front- and back-office systems, and also integrates with agency Intranets and Extranets.
  • Incorporates the GUI interface and the Cryptic command page in one display
  • Carries with it a bouquet of set defaults including over 75 scripts and Custom links page to simplify agency operations