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Electronic Ticket Tracker

Processes the pastdate "OPEN FOR USE" electronic ticket coupons based on the defaults entered in the script's setup utility.


  • Default settings in the setup utility, including the past date default and the option to automatically print the OPEN FOR USE past date coupons, which are required elements and are in place to provide customization to the script's functionality and process.
  • With each Add and Update, the script re-evaluates the status of all previously filed ETRs and updates the files according to the coupon and past date status and default settings, thereby maintaining current report data.
  • The last coupon date in the ETR is used, in addition to the past date default entered in the setup utility, when processing an ETR as past date and OPEN FOR USE.
  • The Setup Utility also enables PNR documenting and queuing options and includes the option to gather ETR sort fields, which is required for the sorting and customization of reports.
  • Users may select the option to automatically print past date OPEN FOR USE coupons as they are displayed, but may also choose to file, and then print all past date open for use coupons from the main menu at a later time. The coupons of single or multiple ETRs may also be selected, and then printed from a previewed report in the report generator.
  • Report generator options allow users to print and⁄or remove coupons from reports which you can preview, print, backup and sort by various sort fields. The "Capture Sort Fields" option must be checked in the setup utility for the sort option to work.