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Consolidated PNR

The consolidator pnr allows a Travelport Worldspan customer (referred to as the retail agent) to selectively release individual pnrs to another Travelport Worldspan customer (referred to as the consolidator) for servicing and⁄or ticketing without having a bridge relationship. 


  • A retail agent can permit different pnr fields and pnr functions for different consolidators depending on the nature of the business relationship. The servicing ⁄ticketing⁄ consolidator can never assume pnr ownership.
  • In order to release individual pnrs each retail agent must first establish a relationship with each consolidator by creating a consolidator template. The retail agent enters in the template the subscriber*s id (sid) of the consolidator and selects from among various pnr fields options viewable to the consolidator and pnr functions permitted by the consolidator on each released pnr.