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Worldspan Fare Source

FareSource is the new name for Travelport Worldspan's Fares and Pricing subscription service. Subscribers get access to hosted and participating carriers fares, and as a service to carriers hosted in other systems. It has:

  • Comprehensive range of Fares Displays.
  • Carrier Specific, MoneySaver, Integrated.
  • Vast Fares database.
  • ATPCO and SITA
  • Integrates Private and Public fare displays.
  • Display fares by Fare type, Passenger type and more qualifiers.
  • Can price multiple passenger types and fare types.
  • Converts currencies based on up to date ROE.
  • Travelport Worldspan features a mini text rules display from fare display which highlights the most accessed rule information in short format.
  • Low fare finder verifies or rebooks an itinerary at the lowest applicable fare based on booking class availability and fare qualification rules.
  • Industry leading 13 month historical fare database.


  • Enhanced customer servicing as better options can be accessed.
  • Provides availability from fare display and vice versa.
  • Never pressed for information as have all options accessible.
  • Travelport Worldspan guarantees all auto priced itineraries.
  • SecuRate Air provides access and distribution rights of own fares to the agency.
  • Improves efficiency and enhances company image.