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Worldspan Go!® Express

Worldspan Go!® Express provides an easy to use and understandable tool for your agency. This tool is context-sensitive for Air, Car, Hotel and Fares⁄Pricing, which reads your input and displays clickable options for each step.


  • Tool can be toggled on and off as desired.
  • Right frame changes based on the user input in Go! Res and provides applicable continuation entries.
  • Right frame includes buttons for quick entry selection.
  • Interactive area includes color-coded Res information that provides information and⁄or processes functionality.
  • Provides access to applicable script.
  • Provides a Format Assistant button which accesses Agent Assistant for help with the specific formats entered.
  • Includes Air, Car, Hotel and Fares⁄Pricing.
  • The Go! Res! Navigation Bar includes Working Frame and My Script. These can be useful when using Go! Express. The Go! Express displays reside in the right frame, this is the Working Frame. When a user desires to launch a Go! Script, select My Script and essentially have another Working Frame. Select Working Frame to return to the where you left off in the tool.