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Worldspan Scripts have the power to automate complex reservation functions, reduce keystrokes, increase accuracy and ensure consistent levels of service. Worldspan Scripts perform screen-scraping capabilities, execute complex cryptic entries, tedious tasks or call up URL sites and write data to files or to the Go! window. There are three levels of scripts:

  • Standard Scripts is a suite of 90 Standard Scripts available including topics such as air, car, hotel and Power Pricing entries.
  • Value-Added Scripts are low-cost productivity tools provide scripting for a range of capabilities including an E-Ticket Tracker, PNR Quality Control, Travelport Worldspan SecuRate Air Assistance and more.
  • Custom Scripts are created by Travelport Worldspan or an agency's scriptwriter to meet a customer's unique needs.


  • Scripts provide a powerful method for automating repetitive tasks.
  • User friendly options help new agents become productive immediately.
  • Reduces learning curve.
  • Customizable for new procedures or to accommodate unique / changing business needs.
  • Easy to enforce travel-booking policies for corporate clients.
  • Saves time thus increasing efficiency and productivity.