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Over 17 million car rentals are booked each year through Travelport systems. Parked in a single row, the line of vehicles would stretch around the world more than two times.

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Car Master

Customer Profile: All Apollo and Galileo customers globally  

CarMaster enables travel agents to improve their efficiency by quickly and easily finding and reserving the cars that best meet their customers’ needs.  It provides real-time access to over 30,000 rental locations: at the airport, in the city or suburbs or in the vicinity of attractions and rail stations*.

The powerful shopping capabilities include the ability to search for one way rentals, corporate discount rates, promotions and much more – all within the Galileo™ and Apollo™ global distribution systems (GDSs).

The approximate total of the rental, excluding any optional services sold at the counter, is available ensuring no hidden surprises!  Confirmation numbers are received directly from the car supplier reservation system, and the booking details are stored in the PNR/BF for easy itinerary printing and back-office synchronization.  Modify or cancel previously booked reservations easily and quickly.

CarMaster is accessible for online agencies via the API Portfolio, Galileo Web Services and Universal API and for offline agencies via Travelport Smartpoint App, Universal Desktop and Galileo Desktop (Focalpoint/Viewpoint).

*Travelport's car content is reliant upon information (rental locations, rates, descriptions, etc.) provided by suppliers.

Choice of Car Rental Providers

  • Over 32,000 locations worldwide
  • In over 190 countries
  • 25 car rental companies