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Travelport Document Converter

Customer Profile: Galileo ticketing agencies

Travelport Document Converter is a standalone desktop application designed to convert the generic e-ticket documents printed to a MIR file into a specific file structure using a standard naming convention and allows it to be saved into a specific folder on agent computer. This allows agent to easily access these documents.

The application is able to convert all E-ticket support documents and supports four different output file formats.  A file search tool is built in which enables agent to retrieve a converted file on the basis of search criteria.

Key Features:

  • Convert a host generated print text file of e-ticket document into a pre-defined output format file
  • Rename a host generated MIR file of E-ticket document into a standard structure file name
  • Save a converted file into a pre-defined monthly subfolder of Document Converter file folders automatically
  • Search capability to locate a particular file from the converted output file folders & its subfolders
  • Choice of default location of converted files based upon customer’s needs
  • Provide options of output file  format  for all documents and choice of print, store or email an itinerary to  a customer
  • Append the company logo on a passenger receipt & an unconverted document at agent’s choice

Customer Benefits:

  • Supports the paperless working environment
  • Reduce agency costs and preserves the environment
  • A Fully automated process to store all E-ticket documents in electronic and in a centre place
  • Improves travel agent's efficiency