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Travelport?s global data center has a massive storage capacity of more than nine (9) petabytes. If the data were printed on an office printer, the stack of paper would circle the globe over six (6) times.

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Galileo Desktop Email

Send email from your Galileo Desktop either via typed entry or the graphical display with a text version of your customer's itinerary.

  • Free service exclusive to Travelport Galileo-connected agencies.
  • No Internet connection needed .
  • No software to install or maintain .
  • Email is sent direct from your Galileo Desktop without need to switch to another software application.
  • Email attachment includes a customised link to ViewTrip.com.

Benefits of Galileo Desktop Email

  • No need to load additional software or internet access dependency .
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Quick and efficient means of generating emails without having to toggle between applications .