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Travelport's GDS business provides travel distribution services to approximately 760 active travel suppliers.

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ViewTrip White Label

Customer Profile: Galileo and Worldspan customers and is used by traditional travel agencies, online agencies and multi-host airlines across the globe.

Travelport ViewTrip™ is a comprehensive online travel resource providing agencies and their customers with direct access to their own personal travel itinerary, electronic ticket records and electronic expense receipts, including the ability to retrieve, review, print and e-mail data from any internet-enabled location. Customers benefit from online access to their itinerary – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world and it is also downloadable to Outlook or Lotus Notes calendars. Content available includes:
Itinerary updates and the very latest trip status and related information including maps, driving directions, local weather etc.

  • Complete PNR segment and destination information including flight confirmation numbers, departure and arrival times, electronic ticket information, flight duration and mileage, on-time flight status, meal information, hotels, car rentals, destination maps, weather, driving directions and more.
  • Pre-departure content,  including a currency converter, interactive maps, passport/visa information, travel and health advice, events calendar and weather
  • Adverts for products, tools and services to match the travelers needs e.g. travel medication, electronic bag tags
  • The convenience of integrated online check-in from participating airlines. For the latest list of Carriers participating in Online Check-In via Travelport ViewTrip please refer to ASK Travelport, (Answer ID 14546).
  • Customers of Worldspan can choose among 10 language preferences,  Customers of Galileo have the choice of 23 languages 

  Agencies benefit from improved customer service levels:

  • Less hassle and improved efficiency – empowering customers means trip related queries are reduced and agencies spend less time on the phone and less time answering email enquiries
  • A range of customization options gives flexibility to apply the agency look and feel to the web site to reflect their brand and promote their own business.