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Travelport was the first GDS provider to offer electronic ticketing.

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Galileo RoomMaster

Customer Profile: All Apollo and Galileo connected agencies 

Galileo RoomMaster™ is a complete and accurate hotel shopping and booking system. It provides direct, real-time access to the internal reservations systems of over 400 hotel brands and over 87,000 properties worldwide providing the ability to shop, book and receive instant confirmations. Agencies have access to the sophisticated tools needed to develop a new revenue stream by focusing more on hotel bookings to earn higher commission rates.

It gives you the power of:

  • Lowest Public Rate – The RoomMaster Best Available Rate (BAR) program has been enhanced - chainparticipant agree to provide RoomMaster users with access to their lowest public rates - both restricted and unrestricted rates. 
  • Best Available Rate™  — Book the best non-restricted rates available online or off for more than 25,000 properties worldwide.
  • Inside Availability™ — Connect seamlessly to more than 99 percent of our hotels, providing immediate inventory and rates from the hotel's reservation system.
  • Inside Shopper™ — Reach directly into the reservation systems of over 170 hotel chains for real-time pricing and availability, all on the first shopping screen.
  • Galileo Vacation Rentals — Search and book high-yield vacation properties.
  • Images - Access a photo library of hotel exteriors, rooms, and amenities to make booking even easier.

Inside Link

The interactive advantage, allowing subscribers to receive instant confirmation on hotel sells. 
Inside Link is the first step to a seamless environment. With Inside Link rates, rules and descriptive data is maintained in RoomMaster, with the sell message transmitted seamlessly to your CRS, allowing subscribers to obtain instant confirmation from your system when the sell transaction takes place. By establishing a real-time link to your central reservation system, Inside Link takes your distribution to a new level of sophistication and effectiveness - and provides the ultimate in dynamic inventory control and yield management.

Inside Link allows you to return an instant confirmation or cancellation number, along with your own custom marketing message. The enhanced connectivity solutions of Inside Availability and Inside Shopper provide the very latest 'seamless' technology between travel agents your CRS.

Inside Shopper

Allows agencies direct access to your CRS from the initial availability screen for the most up-todate rates and availability. Inside Shopper is our most advanced connectivity option providing agents the confidence to book your brand and produce dramatic booking results. 

Inside Shopper simply interfaces with a hotel's CRS during the shopping process as well as the selling process. So, when an agent requests hotel availability in a given area, Inside Shopper participants send Travelport Galileo live rates and availability directly from their CRS. 

Since its introduction in 2002 Inside Shopper has become the preferred method of connectivity to Travelport Galileo with over 180 hotel groups utilising the new technology. 

Benefits of Inside Shopper Participation: 

The same up-to-the-minute accuracy and room availability for travel agents, online travel providers and corporate clients as offered through your own internal reservation system. Reduced rate and availability maintenance in RoomMaster. With Inside Shopper Bypass, multilevel rate maintenance at the property level is practically eliminated. Enhanced effectiveness of your GDS distribution, thus generating more sales. (e.g. A leading hotel chain that implemented Inside Shopper, realised a 32 percent increase in sales volume during the first month of implementation) No more complaints about inaccurate data on rate and rule information as it comes directly from your CRS! 

1-2-1 Marketing on Shopping Requests - ability to accept and respond to availability requests specifically from Frequent Guests 

Why is Inside Shopper producing such dramatic sales results? 

It is a simple, straightforward process, without requiring huge investment or implementation time. 

Agents do NOT have to learn new formats. 

Agencies are moving market share by booking Inside Shopper participating hotels More 'requests' are being converted into 'bookings' as a result of this enhanced data accuracy (E.g. In January 2003, 34 percent of room requests resulted in bookings, compared with 19 percent in June 2002, prior to Inside Shopper being implemented). 

Detailed Hotel Company benefits: 

True Availability - Inside Shopper provides you with the ability to show "true" availability directly from your CRS when the travel agent is shopping on the initial Hotel Availability (HOA) screen.

Increased Visibility - Inside Shopper allows you to return properties that meet the agent's criteria even if the rate requested is currently not available or if the property is "sold out." While Inside Shopper will alert the agent/user of these conditions, it will also provide you with the opportunity to market other rates, or in a closed out situation, market other properties through Alternate Availability.

Reduce Database Maintenance - With the rates and availability being sent from your CRS, only a minimal number of rates will need to stay in RoomMaster. These will be used only for backup in case the link is not responding.

1-2-1 Marketing on Shopping Request - Knowing an availability request is coming from one of your valued frequent guests, (Frequent Guest Number included with request) allows you to respond with availability that is specifically geared to that guest. 

Promotional/Short Duration Rates - RoomMaster users can request special promotional/short duration rates from Inside Shopper participants by using an ID code in the shopping request. The competitiveness of the hotel company's product is enhanced as the shopping request can reflect this promotional rate. 

RoomMaster User Benefits: 

  • Increased credibility of availability and rates on the HOA screen 
  • Elimination of confusion associated with HOA and HOA data discrepancies 
  • Enhanced availability display (HOA 
  • More efficient hotel search and booking process, resulting in enhanced productivity 

Please review the pdf document in the 'Resources' guide in conjunction with the following descriptions: 


Inside Shopper Availability Indicators - Inside Shopper participants will be identified on the HOA screen with an indicator of either A, O, or C. These indicators are defined as: 
A = "AVAILABLE" - The property (and rate requested - if applicable) is available in the Hotel Company CRS. 
O = "OTHER RATES" - The rate type requested was not available, however, the Hotel Company has "other" rates available. 
C = "CLOSED" - The property is not available for the dates requested, but alternate properties are recommended: 

Rate Range vs. Rate Value - Rates now appear as a range versus a specific value, improving the credibility of the data. The rate range will reflect only available non-credential rates, unless specific room rate/types have been included in the request. "Non-credential rates" are described as rates for which anyone can qualify. Examples include 

Rack (RAC), Weekend (WKD), Corporate (COR), Club (CLB), Special (SPL), and Package (PKG). Removed Blank Line between properties - allows more properties to appear on each screen. Remove Selected Rate⁄Property Indicators - based upon feedback from travel agents, several inaccurate or misleading indicators have been removed from the HOA screen. Removed indicators include: Guarantee⁄Deposit⁄Hold time, Location Code, Transportation Code ( This data will still appear in the appropriate Hotel Rules (HOV) and Hotel Description (HOD) displays) Inside Availability HOC Changes - The HOC screen will allow a fourth line of text in the room/rate description for identification of special rates, promotions, or program offerings when a Frequent Guest number or Promotional rate was requested using the FG⁄ID fields, respectively 


The following are prerequisites to participation in Inside Shopper: 

  • CRS Validation Requirements - It is critical that your CRS is able to validate rate related search qualifiers on an HOA Request and return the applicable rates and indicators as appropriate. 
  • While the RoomMaster® database will be interrogated to identify the properties that best match the availability request, without concern for availability of requested rate data - validating search criteria such as distance, transportation, property features/amenities, chain code, and Point of Sale rules, the CRS will then be expected to validate the rate/room type requests and respond appropriately. 

Best Available Rates

This program provides all Travelport Galileo-connected travel agents with access to the best available published, non-restricted rates offered by participating hoteliers. 

Travrelport Galileo agents can now provide a more efficient and enhanced service to their clients while booking participating hotels through RoomMaster with greater confidence and increasing loyalty, knowing that they are booking the same great rates found on a hotel's website or by calling the hotel direct. 

Launched in July of 2004, the program has already attracted both large global hotel groups and regional hotel chains alike including:

Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Kempinski Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton Hotels, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Omni Hotels, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, WestCoast and Red Lion Hotels, Minto Place Suite Hotel, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, and Boscolo Hotels 

"Best Available Rate" or "BAR" rates mean they are the lowest 'Unrestricted Rates' defined as a rate available to the general public that does not require pre-payment and does not impose cancellation or change penalties and⁄or fees, other than those imposed as a result of a hotel property's normal cancellation policy. Group rates, opaque rates, and other rates that require credentials are excluded. 

Hotels Benefits of Participating in the BAR program

  • Increased confidence and loyalty from Travelport Galileo agents worldwide.
  • Increased bookings for participating hotels.
  • Extensive sales and marketing support worldwide to promote participating hotels.
  • Creates consistent rate policy across distribution channels
  • Control of brand and rate integrity.
  • Increase brand share from non-participating competitors.

"Travelport Galileo's focus on the best available rate in the GDS fits perfectly into Marriott's approach and our Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee," - Mike Burns, Director GDS at Marriott International 

"Hyatt is pleased to participate in Travelport Galileo's Best Available Rate program, reaffirming its commitment to the travel agent community -- whom Hyatt has long recognized as an important distribution channel." - Joan Lowell, Vice President, Electronic Distribution, at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts