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Over 309 million air segments are booked annually in the Travelport system. In one day, this is enough segments to completely fill 1,586 Airbus A380 aircraft.

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CarMaster connects more than 200,000 subscriber-powered workstations to over 27 car rental companies with 29,000 locations throughout the world. To you, our Partner Participant, it promises a cost-effective means to distribute your product to those travelling the globe. CarMaster offers an unrivaled database for housing all of the information you need to communicate with the travel agency:

Detailed corporate policy and location details, such as license requirements, insurance, and frequent traveler programs.
A comprehensive variety of rates including weekly, weekend, and monthly rates Standard tariffs, as well as promotional, inclusive, and negotiated rates Individual rate rules corresponding to each rate.
CarMaster allows unmatched flexibility in selling your cars through a GDS.

Maximise Your Profitability

Inside LinkTM- A powerful tool to increase customer confidence and sales by providing the subscriber with instant booking confirmation.

CarMaster Inside AvailabilityTM - CarMaster Inside Availability® expands distribution options, shortens time to market, reduces your costs and provides you with a competitive advantage. CarMaster Inside Availability® features real-time rates, rules and availability status, all of which are key to increasing customer confidence.