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Travelport?s global data center has a massive storage capacity of more than nine (9) petabytes. If the data were printed on an office printer, the stack of paper would circle the globe over six (6) times.

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Galileo 360° Fares

Comprehensive database consisting of millions of fares updated several times a day, to ensure the very latest information is at your fingertips.

  • Full complement of fare types include public, airline private, agency private and web fares on the Galileo Desktop.
  • Guaranteed preferred content from our airline partners.
  • Industry-leading support for automated fares and rules loading system resulting in faster and more accurate faring for more than two million published fares.
  • Advanced shopping tools find the best itineraries.

Benefits of Galileo 360° Fares

  • To increase efficiency and accuracy of faring.
  • Enhance efficiency with access to greater range of fares.
  • Improve productivity by accessing fares with tools you already use.
  • Increase customer loyalty and attract new business with better fares and personal service.