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Agency Private Fares

A negotiated fares database allowing agencies to load Net, Selling and Net⁄Selling fares and display them in an integrated tariff display.

  • Powerful tool that automates and integrates fare display and quote functionality of negotiated fares with all other Travelport Galileo fares.
  • 100% validation of contract rules ensuring accurate fare quotes
  • Host Controlled Database Management: Agency creates, maintains and controls their own database of negotiated fares by entering contract data into the web-based graphical user interace
  • Secured Data: Agency determines who can display, quote, ticket and distribute private fare data
  • Integrated Fares: Integrate private and public fares to ensure the lowest fare

Benefits of Agency Private Fares

To increase efficiency and accuracy of fares

  • Increase efficiency of storing, quoting and ticketing private fares
  • 100% rule validation decreases amount of inaccuracies
  • Eliminate potential inaccuracies when creating individual pricing records
  • Agents can search and quote negotiate private fare faster with integrated displays

To comply with corporate travel programs and supplier agreements

  • Increase policy compliance with automated storing, quoting and ticketing private fares
  • Ensure sale of a negotiated fare only to the applicable customer
  • Maintain total control of database with built-in security features