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Travelport?s average system response time is faster than the blink of a human eye ? less than 300 milliseconds.

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Travelport Smartpoint helps you achieve immediate productivity gains, reduce costs and improve your customer service. It makes the lives of your agents easier and strengthens your most valuable assets – your existing people and technology.

For product demo videos, case studies, customer facing materials and more visit: www.travelportsmartpoint.com

Customer Profile: Travel agencies who operate a fully managed travel model or a mix of managed and un-managed travel.

Current Version: Apollo and Galileo v3.0 and Worldspan v5.3.

Travelport Smartpoint evolves the GDS experience with new and interactive technology that dramatically improves travel agents productivity and reduces training, saving agencies time and money. It is designed to support agencies looking to:

  • Achieve incremental productivity gains
  • Reduce staff training costs from new hire and/or when converting from another GDS
  • Take advantage of new functionality, content and technologies as they become available

It's Fast

  • Searching and booking is easier – find relevant options with a couple of clicks and filter results so you can more quickly see the options that best meet your customer needs 
  • Double the information is returned within a single request
  • Interactive, color coded displays give immediate access to key information from the same screen
  • Day to day processes such as queues are automatic – no need to work harder just smarter!
  • Integration with eNett Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) for safe and seamless payments within your GDS booking flow. Visit www.enett.com/travelport for more information
  • Interactive maps showing flight routes, connection times & terminal information and hotels – no need to launch a separate site to launch a map.

It's Flexible

  • Choose which GDS language you wish to work in – no need to completely learn a new system
  • New agents can search and book using graphical windows – getting up to speed is easy!
  • Agents can work the way they want to – the workspace can be organised, theme and local language can be chosen too!
  • Builds on how you work today so you’ll be up and running in minutes – no lengthy training
  • A modern agency experience that supports your agents desktop needs today and tomorrow

It's Familiar

  • Nothing has been taken away, we’ve just added more time saving features and new tools
  • All your scripts and macros can be used as you do today – and new ones too!
  • Experienced users can choose to work how they work today – no need to learn anything new!