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Travelport?s global data center has a massive storage capacity of more than nine (9) petabytes. If the data were printed on an office printer, the stack of paper would circle the globe over six (6) times.

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Galileo Desktop

Galileo Desktop™ is a sophisticated global reservation, business management and productivity system. It provides access to advanced tools for shopping and booking all air, hotel, car rental and other travel-related products available through the Galileo GDS.

  •  Option to work in a graphical, point-and-click environment using Viewpoint™ or  through the traditional command window structure using Focalpoint™
  • Completes transactions faster, to higher levels of customer satisfaction with shortcuts, links and customizable workflow links that mirror your business processes, so training is minimal
  • Available in 23 languages, Galileo Desktop provides choice and flexibility with the ability to send customer itineraries via e-mail in a local language of choice
  • Low-fare shopping tools feature availability searches by booking class and return fare-validated flights