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In 1988, Travelport was the first GDS provider to deliver a dynamic airline availability system that automatically built and stored connecting points/city pairs.

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Travelport e-Pricing technology has revolutionized the worldwide travel shopping experience. It is built upon the first multi-server based shopping technology in the global distribution system (GDS) industry. It allows travel agencies, corporate travel buyers and online shoppers to shop, price and book low fares faster and more accurately than ever before.


  • Shop across millions of published, negotiated, web and advertised fares and hundreds of thousands of itinerary options in seconds with just one simple entry. This removes the need to log into different systems or web sites which ensures customers get the information & choice they expect.
  • Receive a convenient combined display of ready-to-book itineraries, direct to a desktop with the ability to provide from 25 up to 350 of the best available options.
  • Valuable option to shop for low fares prior to booking an itinerary or shop the lowest available fares worldwide for an existing itinerary.
  • Ensure accuracy on all ticketed low fares, with automatically validated rules on worldwide itinerary pricing, ticketing and accurate taxes.