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Galileo Web Services

Customer Profile: Corporate and leisure developer customers and large subscribers with in house development teams.

Galileo Web Services (GWS) is an application program interface (API) that enables customers to build an interface such as a website, connected to the Galileo GDS. Through GWS, travel companies can easily integrate Galileo travel content with their own systems to create their own website and grow their business. GWS adheres to cross-platform web services industry standards. Client applications can be deployed in any environment that supports HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), including Windows® and UNIX, without requiring bridges or specialized interfaces. In addition, a wide variety of languages and development developer toolkits can be used to design and deploy client applications for Web Services.

It significantly reduces the need for customers to possess travel industry expertise and knowledge of specific transaction calls to build an application compatibility with existing XML Select message formats. GWS will deliver the functionality of the existing XML Select product as a web service and provide 100% compatibility with existing XML Select message formats. GWS transactions provide access to the native Apollo/Galileo functions.