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I Serve National Event

This Independence day InterGlobe Technology Quotient alongwith its travel partners undertook a very unique initiative. In their endeavour to reach and extend support to the underprivileged section of the society the first ever i Serve National Event for clothes collection was celebrated with great vigour and dedication. As part of this campaign boxes to collect used clothes were placed at their branch offices as well as partners' office locations across the country. This was a month long campaign to collect clothes at various locations which were subsequently donated to the affiliated NGO's at the grand NATIONAL event held on 15th August at various locations all across the country. This effort was entirely a result of team members of ITQ and their travel partners who participated in this campaign very actively and managed to donate generously for the cause.

Commenting on this initiative Mr. Anil Parashar, President and CEO, ITQ said " It was a great privilege for me to be a part of this activity along with our travel partners in achieving this task of contributing something back to the society. These initiatives are important aspects of being a good corporate citizen"

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